Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register?

To use the web site you don't have to register. Anyone who stumbles upon this site can use the information without registering.

Certain features on the site require you to register to use. The main features and the reason people will register is to add new recipes to the site. We do this to protect the data we have on the web site. There are web technologies and scripts on the Internet that search out forms on web sites and post advertisements in the hope of getting better rankings in search engines. By requiring all users to register before they are able to post new recipes we are helping to protect our recipes and hold visitors accountable.

Aside from the ability to publish recipes to the site as well as rate current recipes any user who logs into the site will not be presented with ads. Those users who are not logged into the site will be presented with ads on search results, recipe pages, and other pages. Registration is free so why not join today?

How do I add a recipe?

Adding recipes to the site is very easy! After you log in or register for an account simply click on the "Add Recipe" link at the upper right corner in the green box. This will take you to a page where you can follow the instructions and add recipes to the site.

Is there a limit to how many recipes I can submit?

No! Add as many recipes as you wish.

Who keeps the site content safe?

The short answer is you do. Registered users can report any recipe to be reviewed by site content moderators. Content moderators are users assigned by the administrators of the web site who have the ability to review these reports and determine what actions need to be taken. Content moderators also have the ability to remove recipes they deem inappropriate without needing a user report to be filled out. Site administrators are also able to review reports filed by users and can remove content as well.

How do I notify the site about possible inappropriate content?

We try our best to prevent this from happening but sometimes someone might post something that others might find inappropriate. Registered users can bring this to the attention of the site content moderators. To do this simply log in, go to the content in question, and click on the "Report Recipe" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. If this button isn't there it means that you are either not logged into the site or you have already submitted a report about the content and a moderator has yet to take action about the content.

Please know that it may take some time for a moderator to look at the report and act on it depending on the amount of active reports that are currently in the system and the extent of the issue. You can help speed this process up by being as detailed as possible when you are filling out the report.

How do I become a moderator?

Normally content moderators are selected by site administrators. This may be due to a certain percentage and amount of reports filed by a user about recipes. If you wish to become a content moderator you can send the administrators a message by using the Contact Us link located at the bottom of every page. Please note that just because you feel you would be a good content moderator does not mean that the site administrators will.

Who do I contact about a moderator abusing their powers?

If you believe a content moderator is abusing their powers please notify the site administrators using the "Contact Us" form located at the bottom of every page. This will send a message to the site administrators the content moderators cannot read. Please make sure to provide evidence to back up your claim. The site administrator will investigate your claim using the information you provided as well as internal logs and will determine the appropriate course of action. We are sorry but we cannot recover lost recipes.

How do I add a recipe to my favorites?

To add a recipe for quick and easy access simply log into the site. Once you have logged in go to the recipe you wish to add to your favorites and click on the "Add to Favorites" button. If this button doesn't exist then you are either not logged in or have already added the recipe to your favorites.

How many recipes can I add to my favorites?

As many as you like!

How can I remove a recipe from my favorites?

To remove a recipe from your favorites first you need to log into the site. Once you have done this go to your control panel. This is found in the upper right corner in the green box. Once you are in your control panel you will see your list of favorite recipes. Click the "Remove" button to the right of the recipe(s) you wish to remove.

How do I rate a recipe?

Once you have logged into the site go to the recipe you wish to rate. Select the rating you wish to give the recipe and click the "Rate" button. After you rate a recipe you cannot change this rating. If this rating form isn't visible then you are either not logged into the site or you have already rated this recipe. If either of these instances are the case you should be able to see the rating of the recipe.

Why rate a recipe?

Rating recipes helps other users see what you and other users thought about the recipe. If it was difficult to understand or the instructions were hard to follow by rating the recipe as such others will then know this and avoid the recipe.

How do I modify a recipe?

To modify a recipe simply log into the site. After you have logged in go to the recipe you wish to modify and click the "Modify Recipe" button. You can only modify a recipe if you are the person who added the recipe. If you are the person who added the recipe and you don't see a button you have not logged into the site yet. Site content moderators and site administrators also have the ability to modify recipes.

How do I request that a new category be added?

We are always looking for new categories. If you wish to have a new category added simply use the "Contact Us" link located at the bottom of every page to make your request. The site administrators will consider your request.