Savory Breakfast Tostada

Savory Breakfast Tostada

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
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Tostada – [to.stɑ.de] – A flat tortilla with various fillings piled on it.


vegetable oil
1 corn tortilla
1/3 cup black beans (or kidney/white/pinto)
3 tbsp shredded cheese
a few leaves of cilantro
4 pieces of shrimp
1 egg


Step 1. Cook the shrimp. Fill a pot of water enough to cover the shrimp and place on medium heat. When it gets to the point where it is just above a simmer (not boiling!), slide in the shrimp and mix it around for about 3 minutes then pull them out and set aside on a plate. In my case, take a picture and set it aside. Heh.

Step 2. In a non-stick frying pan, pour about 1 tbsp of oil in the pan on medium heat and swirl it around the pan. When hot, break an egg on one side and place the tortilla on the other side. You can definitely cook the two separately but my pan is big enough to fit both, so why not?

Step 3. Distribute the beans on top of the tortilla. Don’t forget to drain the juices! Bean juice = soggy tortilla = not so texturally appealing. We want crunch here!! Mm I love sunshine eggs. Especially when it gets crispy & brown on the edges.

Step 4. Season the beans with a little salt and pepper. As far as I know, canned beans don’t come seasoned and are for the most part, boring, without it. Salt your egg, too.

Step 5. Add the cheese on top of the beans. Ok, so I know this totally does not look like 3 tablespoons of cheese. I got a little heavy handed ok? I won’t judge you if you do the same.

Step 6. Nip off a few cilantro leaves, give them a quick rinse and place on top of the tortilla.

Step 7. Chop the cooked shrimp in thirds and scatter randomly. Or, if you’re like me, add them strategically so that every bite gets a piece of goodness. Then lick your lips when you notice the cheese has started to melt nicely.

Step 8. When the egg is done, place on top of the shrimp. Step back and adore your mini tostada creation.

Step 9. Garnish with a little bit of cheese, shrimp and cilantro. Enjoy!