Steve DeVeau's Jerk Chicken

Steve DeVeau's Jerk Chicken

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2 tbsp Jamaican allspice
2 tbsp ground cinnamon
2 tbsp crushed red pepper
2 tbsp ground cloves
2 tbsp ground cumin
2 tbsp piment d’espelette
2 tbsp paprika
2 tbsp garlic powder
2 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp nutmeg
1 tbsp dried thyme
1 tbsp sea salt
1 tbsp ground black pepper
1/4 cup toasted brown sugar
2 tbsp rum
2 tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup vinegar
1 young, regular size chicken, spatchcocked


Mix all the seasonings together and rub the chicken with the mixture.  Refrigerate overnight.

Heat the grill to 500-600 F, then sear the chicken on both sides.  Turn the flame off on half of the grill and place the chicken, skin side up, on the cold side.  Grill for 45 – 60 minutes, turning and basting every 15 minutes.