Bacon, Blue Cheese and Veal Burgers

Bacon, Blue Cheese and Veal Burgers

  • Servings: 4
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8-12 pieces of fried bacon
1 lb ground veal
Salt and pepper
Vegetable oil spray
4 slices of blue cheese
4 Buns, 8 bread slices, whatever you need.  Toasted or “au naturel”
Tomatoes, sliced


Form the veal into 4 patties, season with salt and pepper, coat a frying pan with the spray and fry the patties on one side, turn, add the cheese on the cooked side and continue to fry until the meat is done and the cheese has softened/melted.

Spread some mayonnaise on both inside pieces of your buns/bread, then layer them with the veal, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.