Chocolate Anise Truffles

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1/4 cup   Anise liquor
1/2 cup   butter
12 oz.   semi-sweet chocolate
2 cups   pulverized anisette cookies


In a double boiler melt the chocolate, constantly stirring with a wooden spoon. When the chocolate has melted, add the butter and slowly stir it into the chocolate as it melts. Continue to stir for another minute until it is well mixed and smooth. Add in the Rum and stir until well mixed, then sprinkle in the pulverized anisette cookies (a little at a time, as sometimes it takes less) until the mixture is slightly thickened but still smooth. You want the mixture to remain as a thick sauce at this point.

When you have thoroughly mixed in the anisettes, rest the top of your double boiler in a bucket of ice and WHISK the truffle mixture slowly until it has cooled (about 15 minutes). Do not stop whicking or the butter and rum will separate out of the chocolate-anisette. When the sauce is completely cooled it should have a soft but solid consistency which you can then spoon out and form into truffles and coat with chocolate powder or confectioners sugar.