Bittersweet Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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1/2 c Butter or margarine
1/2 c Sugar
1/4 c Packed brown sugar
1 Egg
1 ts Vanilla
1 c Plus 2 Tbsp unsifted flour
1/2 ts Baking soda
1/2 ts Salt
2/3 c Chopped walnuts or pecans
8 oz Ghirardelli Bittersweet chocolate


For food processor method, place butter (cut up), sugar, brown sugar, egg, and vanilla into processor bowl; process about 10 seconds. (Or in a mixer, cream softened butter with same ingredients.) Stir flour with baking powder and salt; blend into creamed mixture. Add nuts. Chop chocolate bars into small pieces; stir into dough. Drop by rounded teaspoon onto ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 375 degrees F for 8 to 10 minutes or until light golden brown. Cool on racks. These cookies are delicious served warm when the chocolate is still soft. To reheat cookies in the microwave, process 2 or more cookies for 15 to 20 seconds.