Yellow squash

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  • 2-3 lbs tender Yellow squash (washed do not Dry).
  • Salt to Taste Pepper to Taste.
  • ½ to 1cup onions (can leave out).
  • A small can evaporated milk.


Place in Pot add small amount of water.

Parboil until tender.

Pour any water out of pot. Allow to Thoroughly Drain and Dry.

Mash squash as if making mashed potatoes except add no seasoning.

Place Iron Skillet large enough to hold squash on stove, and turn on heat. (Think of how you would cook scrambled eggs.)Add Oil, Vegetable or Olive.

Let oil to come to temperature just before smoking point.

Add squash, and onions, constantly stirring. Add Milk and stir until milk disappears and Squash just begins to brown. When slightly brown turn out of pan, into bowl and serve.