Homemade Biscuits

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  • One Large Bowl of Sifted Self-Rising Flour
  • One to two palm full of caned Crisco, Snow Drift or similar (Do not use Butter Tasting).
  • Buttermilk (start with a quart bottle you will not use it all)


Combine, Flour and Crisco in large bowl (Bread making Bowl, Large bowl to serve items such as Gravy Corn Green beans, etc.). Use either your hands to or bread making/Pastry Blender. (Has handle on one side a several rows of wires similar to a whisk on the other they are bow shaped.)

Once the mixture looks like fine looking dry pearls add buttermilk a little at a time until you get a soft ball of dough that hold together but is not dry and hard. Place out on a cloth that is on flat surface, sprinkle cloth and dough with flour. Use either hand or rolling pin to flatten and shape to size about ¼ to ½ thick to make biscuit. If you’re using for Cobbler, make about ½ or thicker, and size it to fit pan/dish cobbler will be in.