Homemade Chicken Salad

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  • Mayonnaise
  • Jar of Sweet Pickle or bottle of Pickle Relish
  • Roasted Chicken*


Prepare chicken by removing skin and remove all bones.Use meat from all portion of chicken. (Or if you want white meat only, roast some chicken breasts. Although chicken salad will be much drier using white meat only.)

Break up chicken into pieces (similar to pulled pork barbeque). (Or you could put in Food Processor if you have one and do a coarse chop.)

Open small jar of pickle and chop in medium fine pieces (if you’ve ever eaten store bought chicken salad and noticed the pickle; that is the size you need. Or buy a bottle of Heinz Pickle Relish.

Open jar of Mayonnaise (Duke’s is preferred). Take a large Tablespoon (like you use for serving gravy, beans, cream potatoes when serving meal), dip one large heaping spoon full of Mayonnaise into bowl of Chicken.

Add chopped pickle and Mix with spoon.Put chick in large bowl to mix. Adjust to desired taste. Taste after mixed.

Put chicken in large bowl to mix. Add more mayonnaise, and pickle until desired taste. If dry, and if you used jar of sweet pickle, pour some of the vinegar from pickle jar and mix.

If vinegar makes the chicken salad sour add some sugar. The more vinegar added the soupier the chicken salad gets.